Table of Contents

New Feature

  • Sample Data Dashboards

Product Enhancements

  • Mac File Transfer
  • Updated Connection Guides
  • Improvements to Nexus Registration Page
  • Improvements to Workflow Guide content editor

Sample Data Dashboards

Nexus Analytics has been expanded to include a set of dashboards loaded with sample data. This is a great feature for new users on the Nexus Service Platform; without having generated any data, users can still get a realistic sense of how Nexus Analytics works and the many benefits it offers.

    Product Enhancements

    Mac File Transfer

    File Transfer is now available on remote connections to Mac computers (File Transfer first became available to Windows devices with the previous release on 5/8/2014). 

    To transfer a file, click the paperclip icon on the remote toolbar. This will open a dialog, from which the user can select a file for upload.

    Updated Connection Guides

    Connection Guides have been updated with larger more readable images. These guides are accessible from Step 3 of any new remote connection.

    For reference, you can also access the connection guides directly through the following links:

    Improvements to Nexus Registration Page

    The following changes were made to the registration page in order to alleviate confusion around the URL field:

    • The label has been changed to "Your Nexus URL"
    • The helper text within the field has been right-aligned and change to "EnterAnyURL"
    • An icon has been added to the right of the field, which reveals additional helper text.

    Improvements to Workflow Guide content editor

    This release includes multiple improvements to the content editor, which enables workflow designers to author their own guides.

    Workflow designers now have access to several new drop-down menus, including:

    • Font Family and Font Sizes
    • Insert Table and Table Properties, including number of columns and rows, border width, cell padding and margins, cell alignment, and more.
    • Text Color and Background Color
    Additionally, the content editor now includes a spell checker.