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Nexus Analytics Enhancements

Improved Zoom Controls for Windows & Mac

Nexus Analytics

This release includes the following important updates to Nexus Analytics:

1) Several dashboards (Sessions, Customers, Report Builder) now include a "Connected Devices" metric, which explicitly calls out the number of remote connections that the agent established as part of service delivery.

2) The default charts on the Workflow Dashboard have been updated to show AHT as the primary metric, and now include a 'Table View' with a variety of additional workflow metrics.

Zoom Controls

Nexus Agents now have access to an improved set of zoom controls for use on remote connections to Windows and Mac devices.

Scale to Fit: Sizes the customer's screen to fit inside of the Remote View, while maintaining proportionality.

Actual Size: Displays the customer's screen at it's true resolution (may require the use of scrollbars to navigate the display).

Custom: Zoom in and out using the plus/minus icons, or input a particular zoom percent.