Release Notes for 12/15/2014

Table of Contents

  • Navigator: Refreshed Session Info
  • Navigator: Switching Paths in a Session
  • Navigator: Quickly Resolve Paths
  • Navigator: Co-Browsing Enhancements on Android® Devices

Navigator: Refreshed Session Info

The look of the Session Info section at the top of the Session screen has been refreshed. Clicking Customer opens the Edit Customer popup. There are no other functional changes.

Navigator: Switching Paths in a Session

When switching Paths in a session, the Select to Switch Paths popup now displays the name and status of each Path in the session where applicable. This helps make switching Paths easier, especially when no devices are connected.

Navigator: Quickly Resolve Paths

The Path Resolved button saves time when resolving a Path. Agents no longer need to click every step in a Path to mark the Status as Complete or Not Applicable. To use this function:

  1. In the selected Path, click the Path Resolved button (1).
  2. The Path Summary appears, showing all of the steps that are Complete, Not Applicable, or Incomplete (2).
  3. If needed, click an Incomplete step to return to and complete that Step. You may then click the Path Resolved button to return to the Path Summary.
  4. Click the Submit button (3) to mark all of the listed Incomplete steps as Not Applicable and resolve the Path. Cloud will:

  • Mark all Incomplete steps as Not Applicable.
  • Mark the final Step in the Path as both Complete and Resolved to ensure accurate agent compliance and analytics reporting.

Note: Cloud saves this information, which will be visible in the Analytics section in the January 2015 update.

Navigator: Co-Browsing Enhancements on Android Devices

Co-browsing on Android devices now includes the following enhancements:

  • A notification appears in the browsing window when the agent sends a chat message.
  • The customer can access the Browse tab before the agent has pushed any URLs. This will display an image and text explaining that only the agent can initiate co-browsing.
  • The menu bar auto-hides during co-browsing to allow more screen space for the web pages. Tapping anywhere on the screen opens the menu bar.

Note: This functionality is currently being developed for iOS devices.