Today’s most innovative call centers have implemented IVR optimization, workforce enhancements, call recording, and more.® Cloud is software that provides the final piece of your live support interaction puzzle by turning every Agent into your best Agent. Your customers (called consumers in this Guide) benefit from improved support experiences and a higher percentage of first-call resolution. Your Agents benefit from having the detailed information your consumers need at their fingertips, delivered through an interface that makes finding and selecting the correct information and tools fast and easy. Your company benefits through enhanced productivity, consistency, and consumer satisfaction. Cloud optimizes your live support interactions by giving your Agents the information they need when they need it by dynamically guiding and automating every Step of the support interaction. A library of fully customizable Guided Paths® and Support Articles based on over 20 million support contacts is included to get your Agents up and running quickly. These Guided Paths/Support Articles guide Agents through every Step of the support interaction, allowing them to solve consumer issues more quickly and consistently. Your Agents always have access to the most up-to-date version of every Path/Article thanks to our cloud-based architecture.

Automated tools deliver secure remote connectivity and control of consumer devices to reliably deliver proven solutions far more efficiently and reliably than trying to diagnose a problem from consumer descriptions or resolve issues by directing consumers through doing it themselves. Cloud also makes management and continual improvement easy. Defining skills allows users to transfer sessions to the Agents who are best able to resolve a consumer's needs. Your company can track every interaction using real-time analytics that capture data related to consumer products, process, and Agent performance. This gives you the detailed insights into every support interaction that you need to continually optimize your live support interactions and respond to emerging trends and shifting consumer needs.