Selecting Designer in the Navigation bar and then selecting Steps in the sub-menu navigation opens the Manage Steps screen.

This screen allows you to:

Viewing Existing Steps

The Manage Steps screen contains a table that displays the following information and functions for each Step:

  • View: Clicking the View icon (eye) for a Step opens the Step screen, which provides a read-only view of the selected Step.

  • Quick Edit: Clicking the Quick Edit icon (lightning bolt) for a Step opens the Step screen for that Step (see Quick-Editing a Step).

Note: Unlike Guided Paths/Support Articles, Cloud does not maintain a version history for Steps. Editing a Step directly changes that Step for all Guided Paths/Support Articles that currently use that Step or that will use that Step in the future.

  • Delete: Clicking the Delete icon (trash can) for a Step deletes that Step from Cloud (see Deleting a Step).
  • Name: Name of the Step.
  • Description: Brief description of the Step.
  • Endpoint: Type of device(s) to which the Step applies (e.g., Windows, Macintosh, Android, or iOS). See Endpoints (opens a new article).
  • Tags: Any keyword tag(s) assigned to the Step.
  • Last Modified: Date, time, and Designer who last modified the Step.
  • Paths that use this Step: Name(s) of the Guided Path(s) and/or Support Article(s) that use this Step, if any.

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Quick-Editing a Step

To quick-edit a Step:

  1. In the Manage Steps screen, click the Quick Edit icon (lightning bolt) for the Step you want to quick-edit.

    The Edit Step popup appears.

  1. Edit some or all of the following:

    • Name: Name of the Step.

    • Type: This field is read-only and cannot be edited.

    • Step Description: Add plain text or HTML in this field.

    • Tags: Add, edit, or remove tags in this field.
  1. Click OK. Cloud saves your changes to the Step.

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Deleting a Step

To delete a Step:

  1. In the Manage Steps screen, click the Delete icon (trash can) for the Step you want to delete.

    A confirmation dialog appears.

  1. Click the green Yes button to continue with the deletion.

Note: When a step is deleted from the step library it will still be included in any Guided Paths that currently use it. Future Guided Paths will not have that step available for use from the Step Library. 

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