Bookmarks are saved collections of filters that allow you to find the data you are looking for without having to keep selecting the same filters over and over again. You can also use bookmarks for collaboration with other users who have Analytics access to® Cloud, as described in Roles (opens a new article). Cloud allows you to:

Adding a Bookmark

To add a bookmark:

  1. Select the dashboard or report that you want to save.
  1. Select the data you want to save and/or apply your desired filter(s) to find just the data you are looking for (see Selecting Information - opens a new article), and then confirm that you have made the correct selection(s) by looking at the Current Selections box.
  1. In the Ribbon, click the Add Bookmark icon (star with a plus sign).

    The Add Bookmark window appears.

  1. Enter a descriptive name for your bookmark in the Bookmark Name field.
  1. Select the following options for the new bookmark:
    • Share Bookmark with Other Users: Checking this checkbox makes your bookmark appear in the Select Bookmark pull-down list for your colleagues; leaving it cleared makes you the only Cloud user who can use this bookmark.

    • Include Selections in Bookmark: Checking this checkbox saves your selected filter(s) as part of the bookmark.

    • The Make bookmark apply on top of current selection and Include Layout State checkboxes do not apply within Cloud.

    • Include Scroll Positions: Checking this checkbox this box preserves and returns you to the same location if you have scrolled to an important location in a filter, chart, or table.

    • Include Input Field Values: This option is not applicable in Cloud.

    • Enter a brief description of the bookmark in the Description field. If you would like this description to appear as a popup window every time a user opens the bookmark then check the Show description as a pop-up message checkbox.
  1. Click OK to save your bookmark and close the Add Bookmark window.

You (and other Analytics users, if you shared the bookmark) can now access this bookmark at any time by selecting it using the Select Bookmark pull-down menu.

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Removing a Bookmark

To remove a bookmark:

  1. In the Ribbon, click the Remove Bookmark icon (star with a minus sign).

    The Remove Bookmark popup appears.

  1. Use the pull-down menu to select the bookmark that you want to remove.
  1. Click OK to confirm removal of the bookmark.

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Sharing a Bookmark

To share a bookmark:

  1. Either create a bookmark as described in Adding a Bookmark or access an existing bookmark using the Select Bookmark menu.
  1. In the Ribbon, expand the More menu and then select Mail with Bookmark as a Link.

    Your default email client opens with a link to the bookmark.

  1. Add one or more recipient(s), and then send the email.

    The selected recipient(s) will be able to access the bookmark by clicking the link in the email that they receive.

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