® Cloud allows you to share and collaborate on dashboards and reports in real time with an unlimited number of colleagues at once. Your selected colleague(s) do not need to have any privileges within Cloud; all they need is an Internet connection. To share your current view with other persons:

  1. In the Ribbon, click the Share Session icon (message forwarding).

    The Start Sharing popup appears.

  1. Click the Start Sharing button.

    The Start Sharing popup changes to display the following functions:
  • Invitation: URL to the shared session. Provide this URL to the other user(s) who will be participating in this collaboration.
  • Email this link: Clicking this link opens your default email client with a link to the shared session that you can send to the other participant(s).
  • By default, an invitation to a shared session expires fifteen minutes after you click the Start Sharing button. To stop the invitation early, click the Expire Now link. Users who click the shared link after the invitation expires will not be able to access the shared session.
  • Users who accept the invitation appear at the top of the popup. Clicking the Remove User icon (minus sign) for a user removes that user from the collaboration session.
  1. When you have completed the session, open the popup by clicking the Share Session icon in the Ribbon and then clicking the Stop Sharing button.

During a collaboration session, all users see the same view and can manipulate the data and how the data is displayed as described in this chapter.