Release Notes for 01/05/2015

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Navigator: Phone 1 Field Optional

When creating a new customer, the Phone 1 field is no longer required; it is now an optional field.

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Navigator: Session Screen Enhancements

The Session screen has the following enhancements:

  • The buttons in the Remote View and Path View menu bars have a new look; the functionality has not been changed.

  • The appearance of the Step List within the Path View has been updated; the functionality has not been changed.

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Navigator: Windows Login Credentials

When an agent begins the process of rebooting a customer's Windows machine, they will have the option of asking the consumer to input their login credentials. This will allow the machine to login automatically when it has completed rebooting. Customer credentials are encrypted to ensure security.

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Navigator: Chat Window for Windows and Macintosh Users

When an agent is connected to a Windows or Macintosh machine, sending chat messages will automatically open the Chat window on the customer's machine; the customer no longer needs to open this window manually.

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Navigator: Path Action Details for Android and iOS

When an agent is connected to an Android or iOS device, the Activity tab of the Control Panel will capture details about the actions being taken by the agent. The following parameters are being captured:

  • Configuring, modifying, or deleting a WiFi network
  • List of apps that have been uninstalled and rejected
  • List of apps that have been force-stopped
  • URLs pushed from the Remote View toolbar as part of a workflow

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Analytics: New Users Report

Selecting Analytics>Management>Nexus Users opens the new Users report.

This report  presents the following information:

  • Total users today: Number of Agent and Administrator users who have accessed Cloud on the current date, as well as the total number of users who have accessed Cloud.
  • Concurrent Users Table: Table listing the maximum and peak number of concurrent Cloud users by date.
  • Concurrent Users Chart: Chart visually depicting the maximum and peak number of concurrent Cloud users by date.

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Analytics: Resolved Rate Metric Added

The new Resolved Rate metric captures the total number of times the listed Step was marked as Resolved compared to the number of times an Agent started working on that step, and displays the result as a percentage. This provides an indication of how often each Step was the one that the agent used to resolve the Path.

The Resolved Rate metric appears in the following reports:

  • Path Dashboard
  • Path Optimization
  • Path Timeline

This data is based on the new Path Resolved functionality introduced in the 12/16/14 release.

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