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Navigator: Chat Notification

In the Navigator, the Chat tab in the Control Panel will include an indicator with the number of chat messages that the agent has missed when that tab is not in the foreground.

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Navigator: Screen Share / Connect / Disconnect

Thus functionality has been updated as follows:

  • These buttons now always appear on the Remote View menu bar.
  • The Reconnect button from Step 3 of the Remote View has been removed.

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Navigator: Closing a Session

The following changes to session statuses have been made:

  • As of this release, users will be unable to reopen a Closed session regardless of role.
  • Setting the Status of a session to Closed immediately disconnects any connected devices, and Paths in progress will be aborted.
  • Attempting to close a session with connections or paths in progress displays a warning that the agent will have to acknowledge before proceeding. This warning includes a Do not show again checkbox.
  • Closed sessions have limited functionality for all users. The Activity tab of the Control Panel will still be available, as will the Switch Path button (for reviewing various Path Summaries); however, all Agent (i.e. service delivery) functionality has been disabled.
  • Viewing a Closed session displays the Path Summary, which lists each step of that Path as follows:
    • Steps that the agent marked as Complete appear in the Complete column.
    • Steps that the agent marked as Not Applicable appear in the Not Applicable column.
    • Incomplete Steps (Steps that were not marked as either Complete or Not Applicable) appear in the Incomplete column.
    • The Step that the agent was on when s/he closed the session appears at the top left of the Path Summary.

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Navigator: Pop-Out Path View

The Path View now has the same pop-out functionality as the Remote View. Agents who run multiple Paths at the same time may find this helpful, since they can now maximize the Path Views on multiple monitors.

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Admin: Configurable Push URL

Admin users can pre-define a set of URLs that can be pushed to customer devices. Agents will see this list in a pull-down menu when they are connected to any device.

  • To access this functionality, select Admin>Configurations.
  • To add a new URL, click the green Add New button in the Manage Push URLs section of the Configurations screen and then enter a name and the exact link for this URL.
  • To edit an existing URL, click the Edit icon (lightning bolt) for the URL you want to modify.
  • To delete an existing URL, click the Delete icon (trash can) for the URL you want to delete.

Please refer to the User/Admin Guide for more information about this functionality.

The URL field in the Session screen now includes a pull-down menu that lets the agent select the appropriate URL to push to the customer's device.

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Navigator: Laser Pointer and Whiteboard

Agents who are connected to a Windows or Macintosh computer can point to locations on the customer's screen (laser pointer) and also draw on the customer's screen. To access functions, click the Annotate button (pencil) in the Remote View section of the Session screen to open the Annotation menu.

  • Selecting Laser Pointer displays a red dot on the customer's screen that you can move around to point out various items.

  • Selecting Whiteboard allows you to draw on the customer's screen by clicking and holding the left mouse button. Releasing the button stops drawing.

  • Clicking Clear Drawing in the Annotate menu clears the current drawing and allows you to continue using the Whiteboard function.

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Navigator: Additional Path Action Data

The Activity tab of the Control Panel now displays more details about the activity taking place during the session. For example, uninstalling an application will show details about the application that was removed, and setting up or modifying a WiFi network will show details about that network.

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Navigator: New Storage Optimizer Step for Android

The Device Configuration Path included with Cloud for Android® devices now includes a new Storage Optimizer Step.

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Navigator: Remote Control of Certain Samsung Phones

Agents can now take full remote control of Samsung phones running Android version 4.2.2 or later, including swiping, tapping, and launching apps. This function is not currently enabled for Nexus phones, Android 4.3 devices, or tablets.

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Navigator: IP Address Capture

When connected to a Windows or Macintosh computer, Cloud will automatically capture the computer's IP address and display that address in the Device of the Control Panel. This information will also be stored for Analytics purposes.

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