Release Notes for 02/16/2015

Table of Contents

Navigator: My Sessions Shortcut

This shortcut on the Existing Sessions page will allow an agent to quickly access their open and assigned sessions.

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Navigator: Camera Streaming

Agents will be able to view live streaming video from customer Android® devices, such as for viewing cable connections. Note: This functionality is currently being developed for iOS.

  • To enable camera streaming, click the green Enable Camera Streaming icon. A confirmation dialogue appears on the customer's device. Once the customer approves, the agent will be able to see live video streaming from the customer's device.
  • To disable camera streaming, click the red Disable Camera Streaming icon.

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Navigator: Samsung KNOX (Remote Control)

Remote control will be enabled for Samsung Android® tablets.

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Navigator: New Memory Optimizer Step for Android®

This new Guided Paths® Step gives Agents better information and more control over memory usage and running applications on Android® devices.

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Admin: Configure Surveys

Administrator users will be able to configure Surveys as follows:

  • Enable/disable Survey capability for their Nexus tenant by clicking the switch next to the Survey field to toggle surveys On or Off.
  • Configure a custom Survey URL (instead of the standard URL provided). Agents can then push this custom URL to customer using the normal Push Survey button.

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