Release Notes for 03/19/2015

Table of Contents

Navigator: Search Custom Fields

When custom fields are enabled, the Existing Sessions screen allows you to search using those fields, which are also returned in the search results.

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Navigator: Device Details

The Device tab in the Session screen Control Panel displays additional device information, such as:

  • Device model
  • Operating system, language, and version
  • Device manufacturer
  • Device brand
  • Operating system SDK
  • Operating system build number
  • RAM
  • CPU architecture
  • Installed antivirus program(s)
  • Public IP address (in addition to that local NAT IP address currently displayed)
  • System or device serial number
  • Ethernet adapter(s) information (type, model, NAT IP address, MAC address)

Note: The information presented will vary by device type, as shown above.

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Navigator: Updated Add New Path UI

The Add New Path interface has been updated when starting a session or adding a new Path to an existing session.

New Session

The following interface appears when you begin a new session:

To select a Path:
  1. Click the desired Category in the Categories section on the left side of the screen. This refreshes the list of Paths that appear on the right side of the screen.
  1. Select the desired Path by clicking it.
  1. A warning message appears if one or more of the Steps in the Path require connecting to a customer's device. You may either:
    • Click the Start button to proceed to the Session screen. The connection code will appear in the Remote View section.
    • Click the Connect without a Guided Path link to connect to a customer's device without running a specific Path.

When starting a new Path:

  • The Recently Used area displays the most recent Paths you have run, allowing you to quickly start new sessions with the same Paths.
  • The Search field searches for matching Paths across all Categories. You do not need to select a Category before searching for a Path.

Existing Session

Clicking the Add New Path button in the Session screen opens an updated Start a Guided Path popup. This popup functions as described above.

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Designer: Guide Editor Improvements

The Guide editor in the Path Designer includes the following updates, which simplify and enhance functionality when designing Paths:

  • Simplified layout with a reduced number of nested menus exposes more functionality with fewer clicks and is more intuitive to use.
  • When editing a table, a second menu bar appears with buttons that allow you to add or delete rows and columns, delete the table, and split or merge cells.
  • You may now embed images and videos in Guides.
  • A new Find/Replace feature has been added.
  • A new Preview button opens a popup that allows you to see how the Guide will look after you save it.
  • Various fixes.

The following image shows the new Guide editor interface.

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