Release Notes for 03/30/2015

Table of Contents

    Global: Hide Navigation Bar Cloud users are able to hide the global navigation bar to free up more screen space, such as when running sessions and remote connections.

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    Navigator: Calling Card (Windows® and Macintosh®)

    This feature (if enabled and configured by an Administrator user) allows customers to initiate assisted-support sessions from their Windows® or Macintosh® computer by leaving a browser shortcut behind on computers to which it is remotely connected. Customers who want to initiate assisted-service can open that shortcut, which will bring them to the Cloud Connect page and display a phone number to call for support.

    Note: Future iterations of this feature will allow customers to initiate a support request via Chat or Callback.

    Administrators can configure this feature by selecting Admin>Configurations and then toggling the Calling Card switch on and entering a phone number for the customer to call in the field.

    For the customer, this feature appears as an icon on their desktop.

    Clicking the icon opens a browser tab with the configured phone number and a field to enter the connection code. From here, sessions run as described in the User/Admin Guide.

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    Navigator: Control Panel UI Changes

    The following changes have been made to the Control Panel:

    • The Notes and Activity tabs were moved to the Session Info bar next to the Add New Path and Switch Path buttons. The remaining tabs (Chat, Device, and Path) will remain in the Control Panel.
    • The Control Panel were moved inside the Remote View. This container will still have an expand/collapse button to ensure that agents can always use the full Remote View for interacting with a connected device.

    Navigator: Pause Remote Control (Windows® & Macintosh®)

    This feature allows agents and customers to pause a remote control session while preserving the remote connection. The Chat feature will work, but the agent will not be able to see or control the customer's computer or device. Session recording will continue, but will appear blank during the pause. The customer must reactivate remote control from their session interface to resume.

    The agent sees the following in the Remote View when the customer has paused remote control:

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    Toolbar: Installer Change

    To mitigate anti-virus blockers and improve remote control connection rates, the toolbar file name extension was changed from .com to .exe.

    A download progress bar will show for the customer once they begin the toolbar installation.

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