Release Notes for 7/02/2015

Table of Contents

Navigator: Relocate Windows Shortcuts

In the Remote View, the Windows shortcuts will be moved from the nested menu under the Push URL function to a Windows button in order to provide a more streamlined Agent experience.

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Navigator: Auto-Close Remote Control Menus

Remote control menus (such as Zoom and View) will automatically close when an Agent clicks outside the menu or hovers outside the menu for a few seconds. This update will further improve the user experience.

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Navigator: Concurrent Agents

Multiple Agents will be able to view the same session at once. To support this feature, new notifications are being added to highlight session changes. These notifications will be viewable by the Agent(s) who are collaborating on the session; the assigned Agent will not see them.

The following notifications are being added:

  • When the assigned Agent adds the first Guided Path to a session, the other Agent(s) will automatically see that Guided Path load in their view, along with a notification at the top of their screen.

  • When the assigned Agent adds a new Guided Path, the total number of Guided Paths in the session will appear on the Switch Path icon.

  • While viewing the same Guided Path as the assigned Agent, the collaborating Agent(s) can see real-time updates, such as completing a Step, the Step that the assigned Agent is working on highlighted in blue, etc.

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