Release Notes for 07/23/2015

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Navigator/Admin: Session Transfer Cloud will now include opt-in functionality (accessible by selecting Admin>Settings>Configurations) to transfer sessions from either Agent-to-Agent or Agent-to-Skill.

Note: A Skill is a grouping of Agents based on skill set and/or responsibilities.

Note: Existing APIs will be updated to expose Skill information, but Agent Availability can only be set through the Cloud interface directly.

This feature introduces a series of new functions, such as:

  • Agents can toggle their availability to prevent having sessions transferred to them by clicking the Availability icon in the upper right of the Navigation bar to select either Busy (default; unable to have sessions transferred) or Available (can have sessions transferred).


  • Agents can view all of their currently open sessions using the new MY OPEN SESSIONS screen, which is available by selecting Navigator>MY OPEN SESSIONS.

  • The Transfer Session icon represents a session that is being transferred.

  • A session that you are assigned to, that is then transferred to another Agent triggers a notification at the top of your screen.

  • Session transfer functionality must be enabled by an Administrator through selecting Admin>Settings>Configurations and then specifying the desired options in the Session Transfer section of the Configurations page. If none of the available options are selected, then no session transfer functions (including Skills) will appear to users.

    At least one skill must be defined before using the Enable Agent-to-Skill transfer option. This is done in the Admin page.

    Agents then need to have defined skills added to their user details/profile in order to have those session types transferred to them. You can do this in either the User Details page or when configuring the skill itself.

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Navigator: Switch Path Redesign

The Switch Paths dialog box is being updated to provide a consolidated view of Paths that are in progress/completed (or which devices are connected without a Path) and which device(s) are connected.

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Navigator: Enhanced Agent Concurrency

Additional notifications that highlight session changes are being added to support more than one Agent viewing a session at once. Also, collaborating Agents are being restricted to ensure that only the assigned Agent can deliver service to the customer.

  • When the Activity Log is updated (such as if the assigned Agent adds a note), the collaborator will see a number at the top right of the Activity Log icon to indicate the number of changes that have occurred).

  • When the assigned Agent changes session information (e.g. customer contact information), the collaborator will see a notification at the top of their screen when that particular session is in view.

  • An Agent who is not assigned to a session will not be able to add a Guided Path, connect to a device, or change customer or session information.

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General: Supervisor Role Cloud is introducing the Supervisor role in addition to the existing roles (Agent, Designer, Analytics, Admin). This new role gives users the ability to monitor sessions and Agents (see screen shots below) using the ACTIVITY MONITOR page, which is available by selecting Navigator>ACTIVITY MONITOR. This allows Supervisors to monitor either the open sessions assigned to specific Agents or sessions that are currently unassigned. If session transfer functionality has been enabled, then Supervisors will be able to see Agent availability and Skill information, and transfer sessions directly from the ACTIVITY MONITOR screen.

Note: Adding the Supervisor role to a user follows the same process as adding any other role to a Cloud user.

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General: Windows 10 Compatibility

This release of Cloud includes updates to the remote control and Guided Path functions to ensure compatibility with the general release of Windows 10, which is scheduled for July 29th, 2015.

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General: Interface Updates

The following changes are being made to the Cloud interface:

  • The Help icon (question mark) in the Navigation bar is being removed. You will be able to access these functions by clicking the User icon (person) in the Navigation bar and then selecting Help.

  • To improve the overall experience for viewing a Remote Control recording, users will now be able to open the recording in a dialog box within either the session itself or in a separate browser tab.

  • The Admin pages are being reorganized to better group the different actions. New sub-menus for Operations, Settings and Integration will now appear. The standard pages will then be grouped under one of those sub-menus. The Branding and Configuration functions will now reside on their own pages.

    The interface for adding a new user is being redesigned to improve the look and feel by logically grouping information.

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