Release Notes for 08/17/2015

Table of Contents

Navigator/Admin: Multiple Remote Control Connection Pages Cloud will support custom external-facing Connect pages that are built and hosted by you. You will be able to use a Cloud API to present those custom pages. One possible use for this feature is presenting Connect pages in multiple languages.

Administrator will be able to identify the different pages. 

Agents attempting to connect to a customer's device will see the available options via a pull-down menu in the Cloud's Session screen.

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Navigator/Admin: Maximum Concurrent Sessions

The Cloud Administrator will be able to set a maximum number of sessions that an Agent can have open in their window and assigned to them at once, with the default limit set to Unlimited. An Agent will not be able to create a new session, receive a new session assignment (through Agent-to-Skill session transfer), or assign another session to themselves, until they close one of their assigned session tabs in view. This will not prevent Agent-to-Agent session transfer.

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Navigator: Improved Activity Monitor

When monitoring sessions, the Activity Monitor will include a tooltip that indicates which Guided Paths are being run.

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Navigator: Agent Session Concurrency

An Agent who is collaborating on a session will now receive a notification when either:

  • That session is re-assigned to them.
  • That session is re-assigned to someone else (and perhaps they no longer need to collaborate on it).

Note: A similar message will appear when the session is assigned to another Agent.

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Navigator: Samsung KNOX 5.3 and 5.4 Support

The Cloud Connect app for Android now includes integrated support for KNOX 5.3 and 5.4, which allows Agents to:

  • Take full remote control of Samsung Lollipop devices.
  • Click on the screen.
  • Turn SeeSupport™ on and off.

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Analytics: Session Transfer Reporting

The Analytics tab will include a new Session Transfer report to help users understand the breakdown of sessions that are being transferred and whether those transfers are in alignment with service level expectations.

Service level expectations will be configurable in the Admin>Configurations page.

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General: Release Upgrade Notifications

Users will be notified whenever new Cloud functionality is available and will have the option to either upgrade immediately or dismiss the notification and upgrade later by refreshing their browser.

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General: Sandbox Environment

The Cloud Administrator will be able to create their own sandbox (“test”) environment by selecting Admin>Integration>Sandbox.

A sandbox environment will provide the same configurations (e.g. user accounts, Guided Paths, teams, Skills, etc.) as their production tenant. This will enable testing/training in a test environment that will not impact production.

Note: The sandbox environment will not contain session data.

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General: Receive Session Transfers from any Tab

A Cloud user who has multiple Roles assigned (see Roles; opens in a separate browser tab) will be able to set their availability to receive Skills-based (soft) session transfers from any tab. This user will now receive a notification whenever a session is assigned to them regardless of where they are in the Cloud interface and will need to return to the Navigator tab to begin service delivery.

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API: Updates to REST and Portal Integration

The current Cloud REST and Portal Integration APIs will be extended to allow searching multiple types at once (e.g. Path name, Category name and/or tag).

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