Release Notes for 09/03/2015

Navigator: Session Timer

Within each individual session, an assigned Agent will be able to see the amount of time that a session has been open.

Note: This is the same as the Session Time metric available in Analytics (see Session; opens a new article).

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Designer: Import Word Document

Designers will be able to import Word documents (.docx) directly into a Guided Path and then manually separate that document into individual Steps. To do this

  1. Click the green Import Step(s) button.

    The STEP IMPORT function opens.
  1. Drag and drop the .docx file into the Drag Documents Here area.

  2. Insert Step breaks by clicking inside the imported text. If you change your mind on a step break placement, click the "X" next to that break to remove it.

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Designer: Text Editor Upgrade

The text editor within the Path Designer will be upgraded with the following additional functions:

  • Copy and paste from a Word document while preserving the majority of text formatting.
  • Additional font families supported (Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana).
  • Additional font sizes supported (26, 28, 36, 48, and 72 point).
  • Additional bullet types.
  • Added a minimum width to table columns to make table size manipulation easier.
  • A full screen view of the editor will be possible by clicking the Full Screen icon.
  • Will be able to paste in content as plain text.
  • An advanced tab will be added to the Insert/Edit dialog box for editing images, allowing Designers to add CSS to their images.

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Admin: Updated Remote Connection Page

The Remote Connect URL is being removed from the General section of the Configurations page. You will need to migrate your existing URL to the new Remote Control section (see Multiple Remote Connect Pages; opens a new article). Your Professional Services/Support team will ensure this is migrated appropriately. The screen shot shows the function that is being removed.

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