Release Notes for 09/28/2015

General: Self Support

We’re excited to let you know that is introducing self-service functionality in Cloud. We will release an announcement with full details when available.

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Navigator: SeeSupport Improvements

  • Full Screen: On both Android and iOS, SeeSupport will take over the whole screen, rather than having it appear under a Live Feed tab.
  • Performance: SeeSupport will now have a higher frame rate and better performance, in order to improve the consumer and agent experience. This upgrade means that SeeSupport will only be supported in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. All other agent-facing functionality will continue to be supported on other browsers and browser versions as described here (opens a new article in a new browser tab/window).

  • Pause and Annotation: When SeeSupport is running, agents will be able to pause the live stream and draw on the frozen screen. (Starting annotation will automatically pause SeeSupport). This saves the consumer from having to continuously point the camera throughout the interaction, while providing the agent with a stabilized image of the consumer’s environment. This feature is particularly helpful in product education and enablement scenarios. Note: Annotation on iOS is already supported.

  • Flashlight: Agents will be able to turn on the flashlight on a connected mobile device when SeeSupport is being used in a low-light environment.

  •  Interface: On both Android and iOS, SeeSupport will take over the whole screen, rather than having it appear under a "Live Feed" tab. (We have made the same change for co-browsing; external links pushed to a consumer will open as an overlay, not in a "Co-Browse" tab).


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Navigator: Session Activity Filter for Remote Recordings

Users will have easier access to remote recordings within a session, by clicking on a filter within the Session Activity view.

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Designer: iFrame HTTP Content Cloud will support a proxy that will allow Designers to iFrame http content in addition to https sites, thereby expanding the set of sites that can be referenced in a Guided Path step.

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Designer: Text Editor Enhancements

The Text Editor will feature the following enhancements:

  • Designers will be able to drag and drop or copy and paste images and videos directly from their desktops.
  • Advanced table editing options will only appear when a Designer is editing a table.

  • The Insert Image and Insert Video options are being condensed into a single Insert Media drop-down menu.

  • The font style and font size will automatically appear when a Designer clicks in a specific place in a step. Also, when creating a new step, the default font and font size will show up in the following pull-down menus:

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Designer: Collapsible Step Library

The Step Library will automatically collapse when a Designer begins editing a step, in order to provide more screen space while editing a Guided Path.

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REST API: Lookup by Connection Code

The REST API will be extended to allow session lookup by connection code as a means of enabling escalated help (from Self-Service) through an integrated Cloud view.

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Support: Remote Control Logs Cloud will allow users a single-click way to upload Remote Control logs to to help troubleshooting issues.

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