Release Notes for 10/26/2015

Navigator: Improved Consumer Creation and Management Cloud currently requires specific information about each consumer in order to create a new session. Cloud will provide greater flexibility for our customers to gather needed information; this then prevents Agents from entering extraneous data in order to start a session.

  • Admin users will be able to make standard consumer fields required or optional. Cloud will only prompt Agents to complete required fields.

  • Admin users will also be able to change the field used as the ‘unique identifier’ for consumers.
  • When creating a new session, if no consumer fields are required, then the Agent will see a Skip button that allows them to go directly into the new session.

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Navigator: Self-Support Enhancements

As mentioned in the previous release’s notes, a Self-Support announcement is forthcoming with all details related to this launch. Press release can be accessed here.

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Designer: Import PDF Document

Designers will be able to import a PDF (/pdf) document as an image directly into a Guided Path and then manually separate that document into individual Steps. This is an extension of the new functionality that allows importing Word documents (.docx) files. 

Maximum file size is 10 MB. Usage of this feature is not yet supported in Internet Explorer (IE).

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Designer: Extend http proxy to allow iFrame of intranet sites

Designers will be able to iFrame an intranet site within a Step, as part of the new http proxy functionality. If the site being accessed requires a log-in, then the Intranet site checkbox will need to be checked. (Note that the site requires https in order to work properly.)

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REST API: Hide Session Transfer Icon

A Cloud customer who is using their own session transfer/queuing system will be able to hide the Session Transfer icon in order to prevent Agent confusion.

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SDK: Instant Chat Cloud SDKs now include an Instant Chat capability. Developers building embedded support into their iOS, Android, and Web applications can give their consumers the option to request a chat with a live agent, which places the session into a queue in Cloud. (The queue can be set up through the Cloud Session Transfer capabilities.)

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