Release Notes for 11/19/2015

Navigator: Get Live Help via JavaScript SDK (Calling Card v2)

The Javascript SDK will be extended to allow Agents to push a remote control request to a consumer over the web. This is in addition to the existing functionality that allows customers to set up web pages that allow consumers to initiate assisted-service sessions via either Call (routed outside of Cloud) or Chat (queued through Cloud). This combination allows our customers to set up Calling Cards that include both a Get Help function and remote control.

  • Connect Page and Calling Card settings will be separated out into its own page in the Admin > Settings section.

  • Administrators will be able to add, edit, and remove Calling Cards from that page.

  • The Calling Card icon will be changed in the Remote View for Agents.

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Navigator: Agent Experience Enhancements

The Navigator is undergoing the following enhancements to improve the Agent experience:

  • The Complete and Not Applicable radio buttons will be moved inline with the Guided Path step, to reduce the number of clicks and mouse movements for Agents.

  • The Complete and Not Applicable buttons will also be available at the bottom of each Guided Path step.

  • Marking a step as Complete or Not Applicable will automatically move the Agent to the next step.
  • The Session tab will close automatically when an Agent manually marks a session as Closed. (This does not apply for sessions closed through an API.)
  • Search capability is being enhanced to allow Agents to more quickly locate Guided Paths.
  • The Path Complete button will now say Path Status: Done.


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Navigator: Improved Session Creation and Pickup Flows

The Navigator is receiving the following session creation and pickup enhancements (screen shots will be provided):

  • The New Session tab will be streamlined into a single Search bar that dynamically sifts through all consumer fields simultaneously. This will save the Agent time by eliminating the need to tab between various fields, and will also allow the Agent to see whether the consumer already exists in their records.

  • When opening an existing session, the Agent will be able to immediately begin service delivery without entering any consumer information if all of the fields are optional. Required fields must still be entered.
  • Administrators will be able to disable all consumer fields; Agents will only need to click Create New Session to launch a new session and begin service delivery.

  • An agent who does not find an existing consumer will be able to click the Create a New Customer button to create a new consumer.

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Designer: PDF Import Tool Improvement

The current PDF import tool functionality will be extended to allow Designers to copy and paste text from the imported document into the Step name.


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REST API: Provide Remote Control/SeeSupport Recording Links via API Cloud customers will be able to utilize a REST API to pull links to specific Remote Control and/or SeeSupport recordings. Clicking a link will redirect the user to a Cloud's login page. Once the user logs in, the recording will begin playing automatically.

More details can be found on our Developer site.


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REST API & Access Point Subscription: Updates

The ability to send both session time by Agent and overall session time will be added to the existing REST /sessions/search API. Also, the following events will be added to the Access Point subscription functionality: Adding comment text, adding or deleting an attachment, providing the Remote Control/SeeSupport recording link. Further details can be found on


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