1. Identify Content Landscape  2.  Determine Content Impact  3.  Develop Intelligence

What resources do your customers leverage today to learn?

  • PDF Library
  • Knowledge base
  • Community

Which content has the highest impact on your customers today?

  • Most successful content
  • Most trafficked content
  • Most demanded content

How should your future content be adjusted to maximize impact on your customers?

  • Remove failing steps
  • Reuse succeeding steps
  • Increase content coverage

Focus on a small quantity of high-impact content!

Improve your consumer experience swiftly and with precision by intelligently selecting which content to upgrade to a Guided Path. This approach will:

  • Help your customers faster
  • Produce higher performing content
  • Generate data to inform your content future

If you’re like most other Nexus customers, you already have content that is intended to help your customers.  In most cases, you have a very large amount of this type of content.  And furthermore, your customers only rely on just a small portion of it.  So it makes no sense to spend time upgrading all of your content to Guided Paths.

When it comes time to build your Guided Paths in Nexus, it’s crucial that you focus your effort on a manageable quantity of content that is going to have the strongest positive impact on your customers. Here are a couple ways to determine which topics should be upgraded to a Guided Path: 

  1. Your most successful content:
    Select the five articles that generate the best survey results

  2. Your most trafficked content:
    Select the five articles that generate the most user views

  3. Your most demanded content:
    Select the five articles that generate the most search traffic

  4. Your most painful topics:
    Select the five topics that are create the most customer pain.