Release Notes for 12/10/2015


Navigator/Designer/Analytics: Decision Points

Decision Point functionality is being added to allow Agents to navigate Guided Paths based on answers they provide to questions contained within the Path, as follows:

  • Guided Paths functionality will be extended to allow Designers to build Decision Point into Steps, which guide Agents to the next best step.

  • Designers will be able to preview these changes in a Decision Tree view to visualize how the Steps fit together.

  • Agents will also have access to a similar preview, by clicking on the Decision Tree icon in the Guided Path.

  • Designers can add Decision Points to any Step in an Agent-facing Guided Path. Each Decision Point has a Question that will be posed to the Agent and a set of Answers that the Agent can select from. Each Answer points to a Step in the same Guided Path. As usual, a Designer only needs to save and publish the new version of their Guided Path to make it available to their users.
  • Once published, Agents can access Guided Paths in the Navigator. When they reach a Step on which a Decision Point is configured, the Agent will see the Question and Answers (instead of Complete and Not Applicable buttons). When an Agent clicks one of the Answers, they will be automatically guided to the associated next Step.

  • A new Analytics dashboard will be built to include all of the data from Agents selecting Answers on Decision Points.
  • The REST API (GET /sessions; GET /sessionpaths; POST /sessions/search) will be updated to optionally include the Answers selected by Agents on Decision Points.

Note: This functionality is not supported in Guided Paths for Windows or Self-Support Guided Paths. Also, this is a separate feature from Guided Path shortcuts that take an Agent from one Guided Path to another.


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Navigator: RANG/SeeSupport Performance & Image Quality Adjustment

A minor release on November 23rd, 2015, allows Agents to manually adjust the levels of performance versus image quality, depending on the consumer’s environment.

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Navigator: Agent Experience Enhancements

The Navigator will receive a number of enhancements to streamline the Agent experience:

  • The starting page for a session will be updated to make it easier to start a Guided Path or initiate a remote connection/SeeSupport. This will save time for the Agent and also clarify the next step.

  • The Agent view of this starting page will automatically default to only show their recently-used Guided Paths. They can select another category of Guided Paths in the left side of the screen. They will also be able to select an All Guided Paths option on the left side of that screen.

  • An Agent will be able to double click a Guided Path name to add it to the session.
  • The Connection Code page will also be streamlined as follows:
    • If a company has more than one Connect page configured, the Agents will first need to select one of those Connect pages from the pull-down menu before the rest of the information appears.
    • The connection instructions for the various types of devices will be moved into three tabs in order to streamline the amount of information that the Agents see initially (when applicable).

  • Screen sharing will automatically begin when an Agent connects to an iOS device.
  • The zoom setting will be preserved when a consumer's device disconnects and then reconnects to the session. The Agent will no longer need to reset this.


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Navigator: Guided Paths for Windows Improvement

The Session ID number will be added to the Guided Paths for Windows Service report, to provide a better audit trail between these reports and their associated sessions.


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