How do decision points change our service delivery?

Increase your service delivery consistency and expedite resolution time by utilizing decision points in your Guided Paths.  Decision points allow your agents to quickly navigate through advanced processes with a clear selection of relevant next steps.  Customers who leverage decision points report:

  • Increases in agent compliance/efficiency
  • Significantly faster new agent training
  • Full access to end-to-end resolution flow analytics

Decision points provide a way for you to map and enforce your existing processes during service delivery. 

How should I start with decision points?

You can quickly add decision points to your existing Guided Paths or create new Guided Paths with decision points.  The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to add a decision point to steps that have multiple outcomes based on customer input.  

When considering how to take advantage of decision points, you should start small and understand how they are being used before rolling them out fully.  Analytics provide usage stats so you can clearly understand how agents are leveraging your decision points to improve service delivery.

What is a decision point?

A decision point provides a way for agents to quickly jump to the most appropriate step based on customer input. You can add multiple decision points to each step.

When editing steps, simply expand the decision point interface at the bottom of the screen and use the + and – buttons to add and remove decision points. 

How should I map my existing processes to decision points?

Most processes that we see are quite simple, relying heavily on yes/no decision points to follow the flow. While this can be intuitive, they are often over-architected and appear to be considerably more complex than they actually are. Added complexity, or even just the perception of added complexity, leads to agent confusion and ultimately reduces process adoption.

Because decision points can have many (over 10) appropriate answers, you can craft much more intuitive flows that are easier to understand and increase agent compliance. Here’s an example of how a traditional flowchart could map to one of your Guided Paths with decision points: 

 Typical Yes / No Process Flow Decision Point Process Flow 

In this process, the agent would need to engage with three steps to troubleshoot the issue.

In this process, the agent only needs to engage with two steps to troubleshoot the issue.

How do decision points impact my existing Guided Paths®?

Decision points bring a whole new dynamic to the table, designed to enable a far richer and more targeted resolution flow.  They provide an opportunity for you to optimize your existing Guided Paths by consolidating multiple linear flows.  Decision points can guide your agents through a diagnosis much more quickly and directly, allowing them to execute crucial steps and bypass those that are unnecessary. 

If you've already invested time into building out Guided Paths you'll find that decision points can easily be added to your existing work.  Simply navigate to the designer and select an existing Guided Path to edit.  You'll be able to add individual decision points to any existing steps. 

Can you help me map my processes to Guided Paths?

Absolutely, we’re happy to! Our support team comprises experts who are trained to help you excel with our product. We’re always learning and advancing the way we think about optimizing support, and we welcome the opportunity to work side-by-side with you.