Release Notes for 02/11/2016

Navigator: Agent Experience Enhancements

The following Agent experience enhancements will be included (screen shots will be added):

  • Agents will receive both improved visual status updates throughout the remote connection process, to help them connect to a consumer's device. These changes will help agents provide clearer instructions to consumers. This includes a visual display of connection progress, and instructions on how to proceed.

  • The Guided Path and Remote views will each reside in their own sub-tab within the Session, making it easier for agents to quickly flip back and forth. Users will no longer have to scroll up or down to move between the two views.

  • The user interface will be streamlined to improve access to actions/icons.
    • In cases where a large number of functions are available, those that are used less will be combined into a pull-down menu. This will primarily affect the actions/icons related to Windows remote connections.

    • All Android-related remote control actions will be moved under an Android icon.

    • Where applicable, the Push URL function will be moved to the bottom of the screen, along with the Performance/Image Quality slider.

    • The Control Panel within a remote connection will be retired. The Device Info will now be accessible via an icon, and the ability to change an in-progress path will be migrated to a Change Path button that will still be accessible in the Remote View.

    • Switch Path functionality will be renamed to Switch Activity, as this better reflects the action being taken.

  • The Chat panel will be visible regardless of whether the Agent is in the Guided Path or Remote View. Agents will be able to collapse this panel, and incoming chat messages will appear regardless of whether the panel is collapsed. Transfer file functionality will be moved to the Chat panel.

  • Task Manager will be added to the Windows shortcut toolbar.


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Navigator, Designer, Analytics & API: Nested Categories

Designers will be able to further organize their Guided Paths using up to three levels of nested Categories. This will make it easier for Agents and Designers to find the Guided Path they need.

  • This change will include better filtering of Guided Paths by Categories. More information will be provided on each Category, including the number of Guided Paths it includes and the last time it was updated.
  • The Category details page will link the Designer to the Path Details page, filtered to only see the Guided Paths in that particular category.
  • Designers will also be able to delete Categories.
  • Images will no longer be required to create a Category.
  • Portal Integration and REST APIs will be updated to reflect these changes in category configuration.

This functionality will appear  as follows:

From left to right, the buttons at the top of this screen are:

  • Add Category.
  • Undo. A Designer will be able to Undo their most recent actions since logging into Cloud, except for adding a category. Once a category is added, it needs to be deleted.
  • Expand All.
  • Collapse All.

An Edit Category button will allow Designers to edit existing Categories.

Clicking this button will expand the Category Details for editing by the Designer.

Clicking the number of Guided Paths in the Edit Guided Path window opens the Manage Paths page with a filter applied to those Guided Paths.

Clicking the X in a filter returns you to the standard Manage Paths view.

This image shows an example of an Agent initiating a session, complete with a nested Category.

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Designer: Decision Points Enhancements

The following Decision Point enhancements will be included:

  • Designers will be able to set “Next Step” as the output of a Decision Point, so that the structure of the Guided Path is maintained, even when the steps are rearranged.
  • Designers will be able to more easily add and remove Decision Points to a step within a Guided Path.

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Designer: Upgraded Table Editing in Content Editor

The Content Editor toolbar will be streamlined with table functionality that will appear inline with the table being edited.

From left to right, the icons will be:

  • Insert Table
  • Delete Table
  • Insert Row Above
  • Insert Row Below
  • Delete Row
  • Insert Column Left
  • Insert Column Right
  • Delete Column
  • Merge Cells
  • Split Cells

The Insert Table icon will be moved to the left of the Insert Media drop-down menu.


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General: Retiring support of IE 10

Following this release, users will not be able to log into Cloud on an unsupported browser, including IE 10 and below. Microsoft has also ended their support of these browsers.

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