Release Notes for 03/31/2016

Navigator: Guided Path Step List in Remote View

Step-by-step guidance is now visible on screen when Agents are remotely connected to a consumer device, eliminating the need to switch views. This facilitates marking Steps as Complete or Not Applicable, making service delivery more accurate and improving interaction analytics.

The Path Summary and Feedback page is being retired. When an Agent clicks on Done in a Guided Path, they will see either the Path Disposition window, or the Guided Path will close (if dispositions aren't configured. The Service Report configurations are also being moved from the Path Summary and Feedback step in Designer (see screen shot for new location).

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Navigator: Visual Indicator for Incoming Chat Message

A visual notification now appears on the corresponding session tab to alert Agents when messages come in on a session they’re not currently viewing, allowing faster responses to consumer requests.

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Navigator, Designer & Analytics: Retire Step Feedback feature

Feedback can more easily be gathered through Guided Path feedback (which is available at any time while the Guided Path is being run), Path Dispositions and Decision Points. This feedback will no longer appear in Analytics.

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Designer: Visual Designer for Decision Points

Simplify structural changes to Decision Points - Are you more of a visual person? In the new Guided Paths Visual Designer, you can view and drag and drop connections within a decision tree diagram for easier revisions. You can also create and modify text of questions and answers of Decision Points. This can be accessed through the "Create/Modify Decision Points" button in each Guided Path. Since Designers will have this manner in which to update Decision Points going forward, we'll be retiring the existing "drawer" where Designers update Decision Points.

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API: Add Session Notes via API

Maintain a more complete view of the customer - Outside of Cloud Navigator, users can now easily add important follow-up info to customer sessions, seamlessly submitting and posting session notes through our new sessionnote API. For more information, please review our developer documentation.

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