Release Notes for 04/21/2016

Self-Support: Revamp the self-service journey

We’ve upgraded our Self-Support interface to deliver a better, more engaging and interactive self-service customer experience. With a flexible UI that includes Search, Categories, and Recommended For You, users can enter keywords, peruse overarching groups of information, or choose from relevant Guided Paths® to quickly get where they need to go within your website or mobile app, as follows:

Updated search and Categories.

Updated Guided Path lists for consumers.

Decision Points will be available in Self-Support as part of this release.

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Navigator & Designer: Introducing the Support Article

You’ve mastered the art of providing painless, step-by-step guidance to your customers. But now you can share all your quick troubleshooting, knowledge base articles, or FAQs with Support Articles – simplified, one-step solutions. Utilizing any of your more condensed help content, Support Articles eliminate unnecessary Guided Path step lists that crowd agents’ screens, helping them to reduce the effort needed to support your customers.

Designers can easily see with the following icons whether content is a Guided Path (first icon shown below) or a Support Article (second icon).

Designers designate content as Support Articles or Guided Paths when creating or editing Paths, and can then sort by these content types in the Manage Content screen (screen shot below).

While running a Support Article, an Agent will see Complete and Not Applicable buttons at the bottom of the screen.

 Agents will now see "All Content" in their list of Categories, instead of "All Guided Paths".

Note: Currently, Support Articles can only be created for Agents. Also, step import functionality is disabled currently from the Support Article editing view.

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Navigator: Automatic uninstall of RANG upon session close

Once a session has been closed where a remote connection was established (using RANG), RANG will automatically uninstall.

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Navigator: Step List update

Once a Guided Path is marked as complete, a user will still be able to see the path taken (e.g., what steps have been marked as Complete or N/A).

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Designer: Simplified content status view

Designers can more easily see the status of Guided Paths and Support Articles, with Published, Saved or Draft showing up in the top left of the content view.

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API: Providing device connection codes through API

A new API called 'sessionconnectioncode' has been created to surface a connection code for a session device. Also, the CreateSession API has been enhanced to also expose the connection code. For further information, please refer to

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Developer: Updates to

Ok, so it’s not exactly new, but we are working on making our developer portal easier for developers to get a snapshot of what the Cloud SDK is all about, and to find any documentation they may need.

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