Release Notes for 06/02/2016

Self-Support: Customization for escalation to Live Help

JavaScript Live Support Page Customization: For a uniform customer experience, make live support chat and call icons, text, colors and fonts reflect your brand. Check out our 
JavaScript SDK for more information.

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Navigator: Screen share in Android Marshmallow

Assisting Android users?® Cloud now enables easy screen share for remote support in Android apps for Android Marshmallow. For more details, check out our Android SDK.

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Navigator: Improved connections and enhanced reconnect process for agents

Give agents smoother remote connection experience with a RANG technology upgrade that provides better stability across platforms. The latest in remote control technology advancements also provides wider support of RANG driver software and latency improvements for Windows environments, especially Windows 8.1 and above.

And, with a disconnect timer, agents now have a better understanding of connection status when reconnecting to a customer device (following a machine reboot or internet connectivity issues, for example), with improved messaging throughout the experience:

Designer: Import directly into Support Articles

Easy import into Support Articles: With no copy/paste required, create simple, one-step Support Articles directly from your own .docx or .pdf files:

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API: Distinguish between types of Guided Paths

When presenting a set of Guided Paths to an agent in a CRM/ticketing integration (for example), customers can now present all Guided Paths, or only certain types of Guided Paths (e.g., agent-facing, consumer-facing Guided Paths). This ensures that your agents are only seeing what is most relevant to them.

Example API response with additional path details:

Check out our interactive REST API console to play around with and learn more about our APIs.