Self-Support Branding

Selecting Admin in the Navigation bar and then selecting Settings>Self-Support Branding in the sub-menu navigation opens the Self Service Configurations screen.

This screen allows you to:

  • Link to a CSS file by entering the complete URL to the theme in the Theme URL field. This link must be secure (https://). Checking the Enable theme in mobile applications checkbox applies the CSS styling to the mobile application. Alternatively, you can click the Upload icon to upload the desired CSS file directly to Cloud.
  • Customize strings by replacing the default content with custom content in the appropriate field(s) and then clicking the green Update button.

When customizing strings, you may:

  • Add links using the standard HTML a href command.
  • Use variables by enclosing them in double brackets, for example {{ variableName }}. Review the standard values to see the available variables and their usage.