Release Notes for 07/14/2016

Navigator, Designer & Admin: Dynamic Decision Points for Proactive, Personalized Support 

Forget making your customers provide information that you should already know. Dynamic Decision Points take the branching logic behind Decision Points to the next level, querying external systems for disparate customer information – like product version, account history, or even real-time device status – and producing contextually relevant next steps, all inside Guided Paths. 

With Dynamic Decision Points, you can:

  • Enable data synchronization with your CRM, ticketing software, or other system that houses customer or product information.
  • Ask customers the right questions at the right time, without making the customer repeat information already on record.
  • Uncover new revenue opportunities, prompting agents with relevant up-sell and cross-sell information based on real-time customer data.

Talk to your Account Manager to get started today. 

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Designer: A Smoother Visual Designer Experience

Now, when you create Decision Points in Guided Paths, it’s easier than ever to view and make changes to your workflows on the fly. See for yourself how graphical layouts in Visual Designer make process design even faster.


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Admin: Single Sign-On (SSO) Cloud now works with Okta to allow for Single Sign-On, making usernames and passwords simpler to manage.

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