Release Notes for 08/04/2016

Integration: Elevate Customer Service in Zendesk®

With Cloud for Zendesk, contextual knowledge delivery resides directly within Zendesk, based on the support ticket information and the customer and product data you already have on record. The app helps you to close tickets faster, for improved customer satisfaction.

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Navigator: Tailored Customer Support With Dynamic Decision Points

Reduce customer frustration and ease the search for relevant information across multiple systems with Dynamic Decision Points. We have new developer documentation on this recently added feature that takes the branching logic of Decision Points to the next level, querying your systems for disparate customer information and automatically producing contextually relevant next steps, all inside Guided Paths®.

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Help Website: A New and Improved Website!

We’ve re-launched to better help you use Cloud. We’re excited to help you use Self-Support and Agent Support to the fullest and to maximize the potential they have for reducing both customer and agent effort. You’ll find updates to FAQs, detailed information on how to use the features in every release, and more content overall over the coming weeks.

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