What's different about Mac?

When it comes down to connecting to remote control, Mac's often require more customer approval.  With a Mac, your customer will be asked if they would like to install the application with administrative privileges or without.  

Support.com Cloud will connect regardless of which choice they make. In fact, this option is intended to provide you and your customers with more options for compliance.  Let's take a look at both options:
  • NO:  Support.com Cloud will immediately open and connect after your customer select No.  By selecting No, your customer has only approved the use of Support.com Cloud for one-time use.  If your agent attempts to connect again, your customer will be prompted to approve access.

  • YES:  Your customer will be prompted to enter the administrative password for their computer.  The only impact of selecting yes is that the Mac login screen will display to your agent in the event of a reboot.  

Why does Support.com Cloud provide this option?

At Support.com, we believe it is important to ensure privacy compliance and help your customers manage security expectations.  By providing this option, your customers can select the degree of security that most suites their comfort level.  We've found that this increases comfort and builds credibility, ultimately helping your brand.

How can we achieve the fastest connection?

To achieve the fastest time to connection, simply instruct your customer to click No.  By clicking No, you'll be able to connect to your customer immediately without having to enter in any additional information. 

What happens to the Support.com Cloud application after I complete the session?

Support.com Cloud will automatically be uninstalled after the session is closed, regardless of whether your customer selects yes or no.