We've got you covered!

We know that Support.com Cloud is a critical system for servicing your customers, building trust and growing your business. We take this responsibility very seriously and are committed to keeping you running optimally with no interruption.  

Admittedly, we're really good at making our software available with best-in-class uptime and round-the-clock infrastructure monitoring. However, we know that on occasion you need to call for backup, so we've put a team in place to make sure you've always got the support you need. 

How does the 24x7 team solve my problem?

The Support.com Cloud 24x7 team is connected to every critical team at Support.com. Rest assured, your after-hours inquiries will be triaged and routed to the right people to get you the support you need.  

After-hours inquires are not immediately directed to a technician, so the person you interact with on the phone will gather the necessary information and document your inquiry. After-hours inquiries that are not related to uptime or availability will be converted to a standard support ticket and addressed during standard business hours by a Support.com product expert. 


When can I contact 24x7 Support?

You should only contact the Support.com Cloud 24x7 support team if you or your team experience an inability to access Support.com Cloud. If you do encounter an issue which prevents you from using or accessing Support.com Cloud, please call (US) 1-844-462-9332. Alternatively, if your inquiry is during standard business hours, please email Help@support.com or call (US) 1-650-257-8858.

What are the standard business hours?

  • Standard Business Hours:  US 6am Pacific Time to 5pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday (call 1-650-257-8858)
  • After Hours:  US 5pm Pacific Time to 6am Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.  Saturday, Sunday and US holidays   (call 1-844-462-9332)

Determining site availability 

When examining site availability, 24x7 Support Agents will access your site anonymously to determine if your site is accessible. If the site is accessible from all regions during this check, the site will be declared available. If the site is available:

  • The connectivity issue may be the result of issues on your network or computer
  • The inquiry will not qualify for 24x7 support
  • The case will be re-classified as a non Show-Stopper issue
  • The case will reopened and be responded to during normal business hours