Release Notes for 10/20/2016 (54)

Navigator: Chat Shortcut

  Now, agents can quickly access a canned, yet personalized message via the forward slash (/) on their keyboard(no mouse required, and configured under Admin>Settings>Chat) for more efficient and tailored service delivery. 


Designer: Streamlined Support of Internationalization

Via a progressive design method, designers can now toggle to select a language within Visual Designer, for superior ease of use when designing content with multiple languages in mind. Our efforts will be ongoing to help you provide the best, most personalized service possible to customers in the language of their choice.


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Integration: Easier Navigation with Categorized Guided Paths 


For faster customer resolution times and better agent productivity, Guided Paths are now listed within their respective Categories (Ex: Setup, Install, Troubleshooting, etc.) in our Zendesk® integration and in the upcoming release of the next-gen version of our Salesforce® Service Cloud® integration.

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Admin, Interaction Analytics: Enhanced Insights with Data Export


For added simplicity, Analytics users can now export data from within the Admin UI. From there, it’s easy to take Cloud Interaction Analytics to the nexlevel by merging your exported data with data from your other backend systems. Even incorporate your data from Cloud into your existing analytics tools like Tableau®, Microsoft® Excel®, or Pentaho®, for more actionable insights.


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