Your agents' initial chat greeting is a chance to reinforce your brand with a consistent message that uses your company's voice. But asking your agents to type the same identical 12 words every time a new chat starts is not only a pain, but it's also a huge opportunity for typos, mistakes, or just refusing to play along. The Chat Shortcuts feature helps save your agents' sanity while keeping that message consistency. 

What is a Chat Shortcut?

A Chat Shortcut is a word that the system replaces with a longer phrase when the agent types it in the chat window. You set up the shortcut in the account administration and agents type a forward slash (/) followed by the shortcut in order to have the longer phrase appear.

Adding a New Chat Shortcut

Follow these steps to get to the screen where you add a new Chat Shortcut. You can also use this screen to edit an existing Chat Shortcut:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select Admin in the Navigator bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Settings>Chat.
    The Chat Shortcuts screen appears.


From here you can click the pencil icon next to a Chat Shortcut if you want to edit one, or you can click the +Add New button to create a new one. The Chat Shortcut itself must not have spaces, so keep it to one word. If you need to have more than one word, you can run the words together without spaces or use an underscore between them.

By the way, the Description that you see here is only visible to you as the administrator to help you identify the Chat Shortcut if you have a lot of them set up in your account. Whatever you type in this field is not going to be seen by the customer. Also, if you've got a Chat Shortcut that just isn't ready for agents to actually use yet, you can set the Status to Disabled. The Chat Shortcut will still appear in your list in the Admin screen, but agents won't be able to type in the shortcut and get the replacement.

How can I personalize the shortcuts?

In the replacement text (the text you type in the Template field), you can use variables. For example, if your Template text were:

Hi {{session.consumer.given_name}}. How can I help you today?

Then the chat would show the name of the consumer in the replacement text instead of the variable. For example, if the consumer's name was Lee, it would say:
Hi Lee. How can I help you today?

To see a list of the variables that you can use, type {{ in the Template field. A list of variables will appear. If you know the name of the variable that you want to use, you can continue typing it after the {{ to go directly to that variable in the list.


How else can we use Chat Shortcuts?

You aren't limited to using Chat Shortcuts for just saying hello. Consider creating one for when the agent is going to be unresponsive for some reason, to direct the customer to a satisfaction survey at the end of the discussion, or any time you want to save your agents' time from typing repetitive messages.

How an Agent uses a Chat Shortcut

In the chat window, the agent can type a forward slash (/) to make a list of Chat Shortcuts appear. In the image above there is only one Chat Shortcut set up for the account, but if you have a lot of Chat Shortcuts, the agent can keep typing the name of the Shortcut to go directly to that one in the list. In this example, you can see that a variable has been included in the Template field, and the agent sees what the message will look like with the correct variable value.


If you have questions about using this feature or need help implementing it, contact the Help Desk.