Every support organization is obsessed with studying analytics to make sure it is efficient and actually helps the user. The Support.com platform keeps statistical data that you can export in a spreadsheet to pore over and include in your calculations.

What is a Data Export Job?

A Data Export Job is the process that pulls analytics data from a database view you choose into a CSV file for you to download and use outside of Support.com. You can get to this tool through the Data Export>Data Export Job screen in the application, and it is also available programmatically via the API. This feature must be configured for you before you can use it. Contact help@support.com to have this feature activated in your account.

Exporting Data

Setting up a data export job is a very simple procedure. Use these steps to download a CSV file of your data:

  1. Log in to your Support.com account.
  2. Select Analytics in the Navigator bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Data Export>Data Export Job.
    The screen where you set up your Data Export Job appears.


From here you can see a list of the jobs you have previously started. Click the +Add New button to make a new job.


On this form you pick the view that you want to export data from. Then just pick your Start Data and End Date and click Save. The system processes the data and downloads a CSV file with your information through your browser.

If you have questions about data export or need help to use it, contact the Help Desk.