If you build guided paths in Support.com, you know they can get very large, indeed. When you need to move from one part of the guided path to another part across the screen, it can be inconvenient to do so much scrolling. Plus, you need to zoom in and out a lot, and it can be a real hassle to get the zoom level back to normal.

With the release on November 28, 2016, there are new panning and zoom reset tools available on the menu in the designer.

Visual Controls in the Designer

On the screen where you design Guided Paths, there is a black menu at the bottom of the screen.


This menu contains some useful buttons:


  • If you click the hand button on this menu, it will change your cursor so that you can pan across the work space.
  • If you click the magnifying glass with the minus sign, you zoom out, and if you click the one with the plus sign, you zoom in. If you click the Reset button, you can return the zoom to the default with just one click.
  • The last buttons on the menu will undo and redo your actions on the designer.

If you have questions about the guided path designer or need help to use it, contact the Help Desk.