People love to feel like you know them, and your customers are no exception. If you can demonstrate that you already know about their situation without them having to tell you every detail, they'll feel cared about. Even just using their first name can go a long way. The Dynamic Content feature helps you personalize your customers' support experience and work those personal details into the conversation.

What Is Dynamic Content?

The Dynamic Content feature is a tool that gets customer-specific information into agent scripts. It works like this:

  1. The developer on your team set up snippets of customization
  2. The designer on your team include those snippets in agent scripts
  3. The agent sees the customer-specific information as part of the script
  4. The customer is impressed by how knowledgeable your company's support organization is

The screen where the developer creates the dynamic content is available at Content>Dynamic Content. This part of the feature is covered in the Developer Documentation.

Including Dynamic Content in an Agent Script

Once the developer as created the dynamic content, you can include it in an agent script by clicking the magic wand button on the editor window.


If you have questions about this feature or need help to implement it, contact the Help Desk.