Just like you don't want to show up to the store when its closed, your users don't want to be trying to start a chat with your support team when no one is at work. With different time zones and international business, though, it might not be obvious when your agents are available to chat. But you can save them the frustration of getting no answer to their questions by publishing your hours of operation.

What are Chat Hours of Operation?

In your Support.com account there is a screen where you can set the hours of operation for your chat feature. Outside of the hours you specify, the chat button on your website will be grayed out. You should also publish the schedule where your users can see it so they know when to come back if they want to use the chat feature.

Setting up your Hours of Operation

Follow these steps to get to the Hours of Operation configuration screen:

  1. Log in to your Support.com account.
  2. Select Admin in the Navigator bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Settings>Chat.
  4. Click the Hours of Operation tab.


For each day of the week you can choose an open and close time, or you can choose to make the chat feature available all day for that day of the week.

If you have questions about using this feature or need help implementing it, contact the Help Desk.