Release Notes for 12/13/2016 (56)

Designer: Easier Navigation with Multilingual Support for Guided Paths® Categories

Not only does Cloud enable support content creation in multiple languages, but also it now allows for multilingual categorization of content. Agents can more easily find the step-by-step support knowledge they need in order to deliver more efficient and effective service.


Feature documentation available here.


APIs: Faster User Setup with New User Management APIs

For added system extensibility, connect your existing systems to an extended set of APIs for user management. With this update, it's now simpler than ever to import Cloud users, configure user settings, and sync user statuses. 

For more information, see our documentation.


Self-Support: Real-time, Personalized Guidance in Self-Support

When your customers experience an issue, they want to solve it fast and not waste time sifting through support content that's not specific to their unique situation. With the artificial intelligence behind Dynamic Decision Points, your customers can get to the root of the problem quickly, because only the most relevant support content is served up to them.

If you haven't already, give Dynamic Decision Points a try! They provide the ultimate in support that's tailored to the customer. Dynamic Decision Points seamlessly pull in customer and product data from other systems – like your CRM, billing or warranty system, telemetry system, and more – to automatically advance through a streamlined decisioning workflow.

Check out our documentation for this feature and learn more about Cloud Self-Support here.