You might already create your support content in the languages your agents use, but it can be hard for the agents to find that content if the Categories are in a different language. Fortunately, you can now improve usability for your international agents by translating your Categories into all the languages you support.

What is a Category?

A Category is a group of related support content. You set up Categories in the Designer that reflect the kinds of problems that your users might run in to. Then you assign support content to those Categories.

When an agent creates a new session, the first thing the agent does is choose the Category of problem that the user is having. Then the system shows the agent the support content in that Category because those are the topics that are most likely to help.  

When you support multiple languages, you can create a translated version of each Category name for each language you have set up in your account. The agents see the version of the Category names in the language that they indicated on their user profile. Translated Categories are also visible in Self-Support.

Internationalizing Categories

Follow these steps to get to the Categories screen where you can enter the translated Category names:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select Designer in the Navigator bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Categories.
    The Manage Categories screen appears.


The Language selector includes all the languages that are set up in your account. When you choose a language, your category names still appear in English at first. Then you can edit each one and put in the translated name.

If you have questions about internationalization or need help to implement it, contact the Help Desk.