Release Notes for 02/02/2017 (58)

Navigator: More Agent Visibility Into and Control Over the Support Workflow

An updated Step List in in the agent view of Cloud gives agents a view of Guided Path steps all the way up until the next Decision Point - or, branch, on the decision tree. This gives agents more visibility into the progression of the customer support journey and helps them be better prepared to assist customers faster and more effectively. 

Now the layout of information displayed within Cloud will be similar to the layout within our embedded solutions like the Zendesk® integration.

SeeSupport: A Streamlined Customer and Agent Experience with UI Enhancements 

The revamped SeeSupport remote visual support tool continues to get updates that help you see ROI from the very first use. We've added more flexibility in the system to enable more agile communication during support interactions. Check out all the new features like the ability for agents to undo their last annotation without wiping out the entirety of their on-screen annotations.

Navigator: Diagnose Issues Faster with System Test

With this release, all users will have access to a System Test tool within Cloud. If there are any system issues that have the potential to impact service delivery, System Test can quickly detect them within the system itself that's experiencing the problem, leading to issue prevention or shorter support wait times with faster resolution.