Release Notes for 03/02/2017 (59)

Remote Control: Read-Only Capability for Windows and Mac

Admins now have the option to set Agents’ remote control access as "full" or "view with annotations" on Windows and Mac devices. The "view with annotations" option gives Agents access to view the consumer's screen and make annotations without making changes to device settings. Limiting access to consumer systems enables the Agent to help the consumer, yet eliminates the chance of liability caused by Agent error and makes the consumer feel more comfortable with their system security.

Guided Paths: Duplicate a Step

When creating/editing Guided Paths, Designers can now duplicate a step instead of having to re-create it. Additionally, if you need to edit a duplicated step, you can edit any one of the instances of the step, and the system automatically updates all instances, but deleting a duplicated step removes it only from the chosen place. This new feature saves time and work for Designers while ensuring consistency when the same step appears multiple times in a Guided Path.

SeeSupport: Improved Consumer and Agent Experience with Portal Integration

You can now embed SeeSupport within your CRM or ticketing system. This allows agents to have full functionality of SeeSupport without the need to switch between browser tabs or windows.

SeeSupport: Improved Session Management

In SeeSupport, Agents can now choose when to begin a session in SeeSupport. Instead of the session starting right away, a "Start" button appears when the agent opens SeeSupport so the agent can start the session if necessary. Previously the session would generate a code and begin at launch. This change will help reduce the amount of unused sessions generated in reports and make it easier to analyze session data.

SeeSupport: Display Platform and Version Number

Both the platform/operating system (OS) and version number now appear to the Agent when connecting to a consumer's smart phone. This aids efficiency by informing the Agent of the consumer's mobile environment prior to the session starting.

Android and iOS Mobile Apps: New Look

Various UI changes have been made to update the look of the mobile apps and enhance user experience.