With our revamped SeeSupport solution, your Agents can more quickly solve problems for consumers, to help you both boost consumer satisfaction and retention and lower costs associated with support delivery. By solving issues remotely in real-time, you can dramatically decrease the number of product returns and on-site field service visits.

What is SeeSupport?

SeeSupport allows Agents to instantly see a live visual of a consumer’s problem via the consumer’s smartphone or tablet camera.

After the Consumer Connects

When the consumer accepts the invitation to the SeeSupport session, SeeSupport notifies the Agent and automatically activates and displays the consumer’s camera on the Agent’s screen.

  • Click the Disconnect button in the upper-left corner to end the SeeSupport session. A pop-up appears when you click this button to confirm your choice.

  • Click the Pause button to keep the image currently displayed on the screen.

  • Click the Annotate button to draw markers or notes on the screen for the consumer to follow.

    When you click the Annotate button, you engage the Pause button automatically, and the Annotation Tools appear.
    • Click the Color Tool to choose annotation color.

    • Click the Thickness Tool to choose line thickness.

    • Click the Clear Tool to delete all annotations.

    • Click the Undo Tool to undo the most recent annotation.

    • Click the Annotate button again to end annotation.

  • Click the Flashlight button to turn on the flashlight on the consumer’s device.

  • Move the Zoom Slider to control the zoom function on the consumer’s camera.

If you have questions about this tool or need help to implement it, contact the Help Desk.