This article steps you through the tools that an Agent uses in SeeSupport to communicate with the consumer. If you haven't already gotten connected with the consumer through SeeSupport, check out the Getting Started doc first.

After the Consumer Connects

When the consumer accepts the invitation to the SeeSupport session, SeeSupport notifies the Agent and automatically activates and displays the view from the consumer’s camera on the Agent’s screen. A toolbar at the top of the screen gives the Agent options:

  1. Disconnect: End the SeeSupport session. A pop-up appears to confirm your choice.
  2. Pause: Keep the image that is currently displayed still on the screen.
  3. Annotate:  Open the menu of annotation tools discussed below.
  4. Flashlight: Turn on the flashlight on the consumer’s device. 
  5. Zoom Slider: Control the zoom function on the consumer’s camera.

When you click the Annotate button, you engage the Pause button automatically, and the Annotation Tools appear.

  1. Line Color: Choose the color of your annotation marks.
  2. Line Thickness: Choose the thickness of your annotation marks.
  3. Freehand Tool: Draw freehand lines on the image.
  4. Arrow Tool: Draw an arrow on the image.
  5. Oval Tool: Draw an oval on the image.
  6. Undo Annotation:: Undo the last annotation you added. 

The next article in this series, Communicating via SMS/MMS Messaging, discusses how to use SeeSupport to engage with a consumer who can't or doesn't want to install the Connect app. If you have questions about this tool or need help to implement it, contact the Help Desk.