As a PC technician, it is often necessary to reboot the consumer's PC due to a software installation or removal. To ensure that the PC will automatically boot back into the user desktop and restore the remote connection, it's important to use the RANG toolbar reboot features. 

First, click the reboot icon on the RANG toolbar. Next, request that the consumer enter their password in the Password field and click the Save button, which will validate that the password entered is actually correct. If the password is not correct an error message is displayed. 

After the password is saved the PC will automatically reboot back to the user desktop as long as the agent uses either the Normal or Safe Mode buttons from the RANG toolbar reboot menu. 



NOTE: If another application prompts to reboot the PC, the agent needs to decline those prompts, go to the RANG toolbar reboot menu and initiate the reboot from there, otherwise the PC will not automatically log in and the consumer must be contacted to re-enter their password.