Release Notes for 3/30/2017 (60)

Navigator: Communicate and Share Pictures via SMS/MMS for Problem Resolution

This new feature opens a channel of communication between Agents and Consumers when a Consumer cannot or does not want to install the Connect App. An Agent sends the SMS invite as usual, but instead of installing the App, the Consumer can then reply with pictures they take of the issue. From here, the Agent can make annotations and send the pictures back. This new SeeSupport capability allows for detailed and visual guidance through the troubleshooting process.

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Designer and Navigator: Shareable Content - Send Individual Steps to Consumers for Future Reference

Designers now have the capability to create shareable steps in Guided Paths for Agents to send via email to Consumers. The content seen by Agents and Consumers can be customized by audience as needed. 

In Navigator, any step with shareable content will have an "Email Step" button, which sends the instructions to the Consumer for future reference. When an Agent clicks this, there will be a pop-up box to verify or change the email address to which you are sending the Step. You can use the email engine or use it with your custom email client. This feature potentially reduces the amount of callbacks received regarding the same issue, which saves time and creates longer-term Consumer satisfaction.

In Designer, shareable content can be added in the following tab ("Shareable"), in conjunction with the regular step content ("Content") and Decision Point question and answers ("Decision").

Under Admin > Configurations, you can see the settings option for using the email engine or your own custom client.

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Navigator and API: Portal UI Integration - Full_Text Search Now Available

With this update, you can now use our portal UI integration API to auto-populate the search field to help narrow results and trim down on unrelated topics when the Agent begins a session. This saves time and reduces clutter for Agents, leading to better results.

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Navigator and Admin: Options for "All Content" and "Recently Used" Categories

Admin users can now determine what an Agent sees when starting a session or adding an activity in Cloud. Admin users have the ability to show "Recently Used," "All Content," and to set which one the Agent will see upon starting a session or adding an activity. If both are turned on, the "Recently Used" category will display by default unless the "Default to All Content" box is checked in Configurations. This allows you to decide what is most relevant and adjust as necessary.

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