To add any software in GPfW follow these steps-

  1. Go to Designer>Actions 
  2. Select "Tools"
  3. Click the Add button on the Tool tab of the Action Library screen. In this case, the popup will be blank

  4. This popup contains the following fields and functions:

    • Name: Enter a unique name for the Action in this field.
    • Description: Enter a brief description of the Action in this field.
    • Target: Source URL from where the program/package will to be downloaded, such as
    • Launch Executable Name: Name of the executable, such as
    • Rename Executable: Whether (Yes) or not (No) you want Cloud to rename the executable file. Enabling this option randomly renames the executable file before launching it, to prevent malicious programs from detecting the executable file by name and hindering the executable launch process.
    • Extract: Whether (Yes) or not (No) you want Cloud to extract the downloaded package. Select Yes if the package/program you are downloading is in .zip file format.
    • Automatic Run: Whether (Yes) or not (No) you want Cloud Toolkit to automatically run/lunch the downloaded executable file on the consumer’s device.
    • Save: Click this button to finish creating or editing the current shortcut Action.
  5. Now go to Designer>Content and from "Add New" in any Guided path for Window you can search for this tool and add it in it.