internationalization allows you to maintain a single Guided Path translated into more than one language. 

Follow these steps to create a version of a Guided Path in another language:

  1. Log in to your
  2. Select Designer >Content.
    The Manage Content screen appears with a list of all the Guided Paths in your account. From this screen, you can see what language versions of the Guided Path are already available in the Language column.
  3. Open the Guided Path you want to work on by clicking on the icon highlighted.The Designer appears.
  4. The list of supported languages appears in the drop-down in the toolbar at the top of the Designer. Click the drop-down and select the checkbox of the language that you want to add.The system makes a copy of the default language Guided Path as a starting point for you. 
  5. Edit each step in the Guided Path and type or paste in the translated text for that step.
  6. Click Save.