SeeSupport is a feature that displays the view from a consumer's smartphone or tablet camera on an Agent's screen. The consumer installs the Connect app, which lets the Agent direct the consumer to point the camera at the trouble spot and get a first-hand view of the problem. Consumers who can't or don't want to install the app can send a still photo for the Agent to view through this tool. See the Communicating via SMS/MMS Messaging article for information about that scenario.

This article is about the scenario of a consumer installing the Connect app and connecting to a session with the Agent. This article walks you through the steps a Restricted Agent takes to get a consumer connected to the SeeSupport session.

Getting Started with SeeSupport

When an Agent designated as a “Restricted Agent” user logs in to Cloud, SeeSupport appears immediately.

Tip: Click Android Connection Guide or iOS Connection Guide on the bottom of the screen to open instructions you can share with consumers to help them get connected.

Use the following steps to get a consumer connected to SeeSupport:

  1. Click the Start button. SeeSupport generates a Connection Code.
  2. If the consumer already has the app open, you can instruct them to enter this code. Otherwise, you can send an invitation to the session. You can choose between sending the invite via email or text message by clicking the Email/Phone button that appears just below the Send Invite button.
    • Text message invite: Enter the consumer’s phone number and click the Send Invite button.
    • Email Invite: Enter the consumer’s email address and click the Send Invite button.

After the the consumer receives the invitation, SeeSupport displays the consumer’s platform OS and version number.

Beyond these steps, the consumer has to do the rest of the work to get connected. They may need  to install an app and grant permissions, depending on their setup. You can help the consumer simply follow the prompts to get connected.

Check out the After the Consumer Connects document for the next steps. If you have questions about this tool or need help to implement it, contact the Help Desk.