With our revamped SeeSupport solution, your Agents can more quickly solve problems for consumers, to help you both boost consumer satisfaction and retention and lower costs associated with support delivery. By solving issues remotely in real-time, you can dramatically decrease the number of product returns and on-site field service visits.

What is SeeSupport?

SeeSupport allows Agents to instantly see a live visual of a consumer’s problem via the consumer’s smartphone or tablet camera.

User Options

Click the User Options button to view the User Options dropdown menu.

  • Click “Help” to open the Support and Feedback form.

    • Click the gray “X” button to close the form.

    • Red asterisks mark required fields. Click the gray “Send Feedback” button to submit the form.

    • Click the “Search Articles” button to open the Knowledge Base Search.

      • Type terms into the search bar to search the Knowledge Base.

      • Click “Browse Articles” to browse the Knowledge Base manually.

      • Click the gray “X” to close the Knowledge base search.

  • Click “Feedback” to open a new browser tab with a feedback survey on Support.com Cloud.

  • Click “Reset Password” to open the Reset Password form.

    • Complete the fields and click the “Save” button to reset your password.

    • Click the “Close” button to exit the form.

  • Click “Sign Out” to exit SeeSupport.

If a user is designated "Administrator" in addition to "Restricted Agent," the User Options dropdown menu has an additional option.

  • Click "Admin" to visit the Admin tab of your Support.com Cloud tenant in a new browser tab.

If you have questions about this tool or need help to implement it, contact the Help Desk.