Release Notes for 06/29/2017 (63)

Self-Support: UI Enhancements for Accessibility

Self-Support UI is now accessible, to allow the utilization of keyboard shortcuts and screen readers, allowing Consumers with physical/visual challenges to interact with the UI.

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Self-Support: Accessibility Improvements to Guided Path Views

Self-Support content is now accessible for Consumers with physical/visual challenges, allowing these Consumers to receive support without necessarily needing to contact an Agent.

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Self-Support: Accessible Chat UI

The Self-Support Chat UI is now accessible via mouse and screen readers for Consumers with physical/visual challenges.

You can incorporate the Chat feature using our JavaScript Software Development Kit. Learn more about the JavaScript SDK here.

The new Self-Support Chat UI will be available with the new JavaScript SDK version 1.1.1. If you are using SDK 1.1.0, you will not see this new feature until you upgrade to SDK 1.1.1.

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Self-Support: Chat UI Revamp

The Self-Support Chat UI has received a redesign to modernize the look and improve ease-of-use for the Consumer.

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Self-Support: Chat Session Requeue

Consumers who temporarily leave a Chat Session will now be requeued to ensure that the Consumer is reconnected with an Agent, and can receive the support they need.

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Data Export: Additional Improvements to Data Export

In addition to general improvements to the data export, certain fields will be removed from the following data exports to improve consumption of the data.

1. Session_Device_Activity

2. Session_Assignment_Activity

3. Session_Queue_Activity

4. Session_Path_Step_Activity

5. SelfService_Session_Daily_Activity

6. SelfService_Session_Device_Activity

7. Session_Survey

8. SelfService_Session_Path_Activity

9. SelfService_Session_Path_Step_Activity

10. SelfService_Session_Queue_Activity

The following fields were removed as they are available in User_Info: agent_given_name, agent_family_name, agent_external_id.

Added the missing agent_email to session_survey.  

With this change, the agent info is available in a uniform fashion across all exports.  

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Data Export: Category Column for Session_Path_Feedback

A Category column has been added to the Session_Path_Feedback Data Export View to increase usability.

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Admin & Analytics: UI Change for Sandbox Tenants

The menu option for Analytics on Sandbox Tenants has been removed to avoid confusion, since this capability isn't part of the sandbox environment.

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Designer: Updated Warning when Deleting a Step

The warning that displays when a Designer chooses to delete a Step (dynamic or regular step) has received a visual update and now provides a better explanation of the impact of deleting a Step.

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Designer: Search by Language on Manage Content Page

The Advanced Search on the Manage Content page can now search by 'Language', with 'Last Modified By' being removed.

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Analytics: Updated Self-Support Dashboard

The Self-Support Dashboard in Analytics has been streamlined to ensure that it's easier to understand.

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