Release Notes for 08/17/2017 (65)

Self-Support: Look and Feel Improvements

Improvements have been made to the Self-Support SDK to improve the aesthetics and usability. The most significant change is reduced use of Iframes so that the content flows better and is more usable on mobile devices.

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Agent Navigator: Audio and Visual Indicators for Agent Notification Events

When a new session is assigned to an Agent, the current visual indicator is now accompanied by an audio indicator as well as additional visual indicators. These additional indicators are useful for notifying Agents of a new session if they are active in another window or away from their desk.

Note: Visual indicators are not currently compatible with Internet Explorer.

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SeeSupport: Further Improvements to SMS/MMS Photo Sharing Discoverability

For Agents, a link now appears in the discoverability message added in v64 that will display a detailed description of the SMS/MMS Photo Sharing feature in the Agent's Chat.

For Consumers, an additional text line explaining the option to use SMS/MMS Photo sharing has been added to the invitation to start a SeeSupport session.

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Data Export: Improvements to Chat Session Metrics

Improvements have been made to Chat session metrics, providing useful information regarding incoming Chat sessions that allow agent performance to be meaningfully compared to industry standards.

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Admin: Security Options for Passwords on New User Setup

Admin users now have the tenant-wide option to send a link prompting new users or users who have forgotten their password to set a password rather than sending a password itself through email, improving security. 

Admin users will retain the ability to manually reset passwords.

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Admin: New Options when Creating SeeSupport Users in Okta Integrations

New SeeSupport users in Okta integrations now can be set as either Agents or Restricted Agents during registration, preventing extraneous steps to assign the correct role.

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In addition to the above entries, we continue to implement miscellaneous bug fixes, security enhancements, and improvements across all of our offerings.

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